Inner Quest Lodge #456 was formed by a group of Master Masons with a common desire to experience and to study the precepts of Freemasonry in a more traditional setting.

Letters of  Dispensation were granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Kansas in 2002 and  Inner Quest Lodge #456 was formally Chartered in 2005.

Inner Quest Lodge is dedicated to preserving the "Old School" traditions of Freemasonry.  Some visiting Brothers have been surprised to learn that everything they see or experience in Inner Quest Lodge can be performed at any Lodge, should that Lodge wish to do so. We do nothing outside the accepted practices of a well-governed Lodge of Kansas Masons and of those of Ancient Craft Masonry. We make no innovations to the Accepted Works of Freemasonry.

Visitors should be open to some differences:

All Inner Quest members wear a plain white apron in the Lodge. All Brothers are our equals, and no Brother is venerated above another by title, regalia or special adornment.

Inner Quest Lodge is conducted in an intimate candlelight setting where incense is burned. Silence is observed unless addressing the Lodge

An Inner Quest member is expected to attend each Stated and Special Communication of the Lodge, if within the length of his cable tow.  

We perform a formal procession of the Lodge Officers prior to opening and after closing the Lodge. Visitors may be seated on the sidelines.

We utilize music and pause at a period of meditation. Brethren present should use this appropriately to experience the proper mindset.

The "business" portion of our Stated Communication is very brief. A greater emphasis is placed on fellowship and the presentation of  Masonic education and enlightenment.

We close each Communication of the Lodge with the "Chain of Union," to which all Brethren present are invited to join.