From time to time, members of Inner Quest Lodge present original papers of Masonic Research and Education on various topics.

These documents are individually copyrighted and remain the intellectual property of their respective authors. Permission is granted for non-commercial use for the purpose of Masonic Education and individual enlightenment.

>>NEW<< Good Vibrations: An esoteric journey to healing.

The first as well as the last great care of Masons. An original paper presented to the Midwest Conference of Grand Masters.

Ideas for Masonic Education.

Trivium et Quadrivium.

More Light.

And finally to our salvation.  Corin

Out of the cave.  An original paper presented to Inner Quest Lodge.

The quest for more light.  An original paper presented to Inner Quest Lodge addressing a specific accusation against Masonry.

The 4 - An Examination of duty.  An original paper submitted for College of the Consistory.

 Master Mason  Examination of the duties and responsibilities of the Sublime Degree.

Resurrection and the The Raising  A thought-proving and well written short paper that makes some logical comparisons that you may have never before considered.

National Treasure  A look at the Masonic symbolism in the movie.

As Above So Below  A Masonic and spiritualistic analysis of magic and mysticism.

Judaism and Freemasonry  A look into the precepts of both Ancient Arts, and how they fit together.

Rhetoric and Masonic Oligarchy &mbsp; Thoughts on the 7th Liberal Art Rhetoric.

Giving the 3rd Degree  One explanation for the origin of this phrase, and a meaning that might surprise you!

To Learn  Winner of the 2009 UGLE Lodge 9659 World Short Paper Competition

Off or From  One explanation for the origin of this phrase, and a connection you may not have considered.

A Letter to my Friend  Have you ever had a well-meaning friend tell you all about the "evils of Freemasonry" in an attempt to save you from it?

Masonic Conspiracies  A collection of goofy conspiracy theories, and a new one that takes it to its illogical extreme. Satire, silliness, and just for fun.

The Rods  A technical comparison of the Deacon's and Steward's rods, their origins, and how they are used in various jurisdictions.

A Sprig of Acacia  A technical look into Acacia wood, where found and how it was used.